Staff Development Programme for Teachers in Faculties of Health Sciences - March 2016


Conducted by the Medical Education Unit,

Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya


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Welcome !



The first staff development program conducted by the MEU, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya  in 1974



Message from the Director Medical Education Unit



Dear  Colleagues,


First of all,  I am extremely pleased to welcome you to the induction program  (annual staff development program) organized by the Medical Education Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of  Peradeniya  March-  July 2016 .

The Medical Education Unit, Peradeniya  was established in 1973,  as the first of such Unit dedicated for staff development activities, particularly in relation to educational technology and research in to education and training.  It has conducted many workshops and  training programs  for academic staff in Sri Lanka as well as the South East Asian region in the past four decades.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has accredited the annual staff development program - induction program conducted by the MEU as one of the requirements  for confirmation for academic staff of faculties of Health sciences in Sri Lanka  since 2006.

The above program aims to create awareness on principles of educational theory and provide opportunities to practice good practices during the workshop and thereafter in the local settings. The course also includes sessions on all the recommended content areas as per the manual issued by the UGC. Most of the sessions are task based and requires active participation of trainees. You will be amazed to realize how much one can learn from each other and through reflection and active learning .

At this stage may I also mention that the resource persons are well experienced and have been trained in educational technology nationally and overseas. They are friendly and approachable so look forward to an interactive and fun filled program leading to future collaborations.


Wish you a productive and a pleasant stay at the MEU!


Yours sincerely,

Kosala  Marambe


23rd March 2016